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Loan Officer – NMLS 1286425

I am also a licensed loan officer in Arizona and California. So unlike most realtors I am not only well versed in real estate but can also be your loan officer. Of course you are never obligated to use me as your loan officer as well as your Realtor but many of my clients love the ability to have one contact for all and enjoy the extra savings available.


Construction Management

With over 20 yrs in residential and commercial construction my knowledge and vendor contacts can save you thousands.

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Construction Management

Are you a out of state owner that has several repairs needed on your property but don’t know where to start? My knowledge and ability to gather estimates at the right price for all repairs needed to make the home marketable will take that worry off your shoulders.¬† I make it simple and easy.

Loan Officer

Being able to have one contact as a loan officer and Realtor  is only one benefit. You can also piece of mind knowing that as a loan officer I am better prepared to speak to other loan officers that may be representing a buyer that has submit a offer on your home.


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